Group Shot outside BCM children's home


By his eighth birthday, Sai Ja Aung had lost everything that means security to a child. Sai Ja Aung was Kachin, one of many tribal minorities in Myanmar (once called Burma) involved in what has been listed as the planet’s longest civil war, lasting since that nation’s declaration of independence from British rule in 1948. The Kachin in the Himalayan foothills of northern Myanmar had been fighting for autonomy since 1961. An uneasy truce brokered in 1994 with Myanmar’s Burmese military regime had…

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haas feature photo


Retire? The Haases? Is that even conceivable? After fifty-six years of faithful service across numerous spheres of BCM leadership and ministry, it took an engraved invitation to their retirement celebration for family, friends, and colleagues to believe that Dave and Lois Haas were at last passing on the baton of full-time missionary service. Officially, at least. To begin this…

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Good Samaritan, Mariupol


Ongoing conflict between Russia and the eastern European country of Ukraine has filled headlines around the world since Russia’s takeover of Crimea in February, 2014. As always, those most affected by war are the smallest of citizens. BCM missionary Tymofiy Anokhin (Tima) and his wife, Natasha, work with an orphanage in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. In the midst of this deadly…

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big sky lake

BCM Camps – Summer Fun Leaves Lasting Impact

Going to camp is a summer staple for North Americans. Countless adults remember with fondness being finally old enough to attend a week of summer camp. Away from home for the first time. In a cabin. Making new friends. Doing crazy things parents won’t normally let you do. Camp is also the time of decisions. Accepting Christ as Savior. Giving your life to full-time ministry. Making…

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<Digimax D53>


The last week of August, 2014, thousands of visitors streamed into the small town of Gilbert in northeast Pennsylvania to savor the delights of the annual West End County Fair. Prize-winning animals to admire. Cotton candy and fried foods galore. Carnival rides. But children and parents in the know threaded straight through temporary streets to a small, white tent where a group of…

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BCM UK—Get Real! and JaM at Barton Camp 2014

By: Jane King What do sheep, cheese, fresh air and kids have in common?  BCM-UK’s Barton Camp! Located not far from the town of Cheddar in the rolling hills of Somerset County, Barton is only a short drive from England’s southwest coast across the bay from Cardiff, Wales.  Surrounded by stunning scenery and bucolic images of grazing cattle and sheep, the camp offers an ideal place to help children KNOW, LOVE, and OBEY God without the daily distractions of a hectic life. BCM International’s UK branch began as a Bible teaching ministry in 1947.  BCM-UK has been running youth camps […]

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Streamside Camp and Conference Center

Hiking and playing outdoors are adventures children growing up in the country take for granted. But an entire population of children grow up in urban areas where they rarely if ever get to experience the wide world of outdoors or the beauty of nature. Since its earliest years, Streamside Camp and Conference Center in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, has been dedicated to help remedy this situation. Camp staff understand how God uses the beauty of His creation to draw people to Himself. For this reason, they focus on camping programs for inner-city youth. Every summer buses bring children and teens from inner […]

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Mill Stream Bible Camp & Retreat Centre

Mill Stream Bible Camp and Retreat Centre in Omemee, Ontario, Canada hosted seven weeks of summer fun in 2014. Two weeks were segregated—boys and girls—but the rest were co-ed and divided up by ages. Each camp week had a different theme. Among the most popular was “Hawaii”. A total of 212 campers ranging from five years old to teenage enjoyed this summer’s programs. Camp director Larry Chupa shares one exciting story from this year’s summer camp: “A BCM Bible Club teacher who has hosted after-school children’s programs for many years sponsored three children from a low-income housing development near her […]

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Mandaville Camp and Retreat Center

Bob and Sharon Emmett have been directors at Mandaville Camp and Retreat Center in the upper New York State city of Winthrop for fourteen years. Their three children grew up on camp property. Now that they are all teenagers, all three contribute camp ministry work both as staff and campers. The Emmetts are joined by two other BCM missionary families – Dave and Becky Hannon and Ryan and Amanda Siver. The Hannons fill the roles of maintenance supervisor and camp nurse while the Sivers are Director of Programming and camp cook. For the past eight years, BCM missionary Don Jackson […]

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Corning Area Bible Club Camp

Corning Area Bible Club Camp was founded 70 years ago. For the past 22 years, the camp has rented its facilities from Penn York Camp in Ulysses, Pennsylvania. The camp runs for two weeks each summer. The camp director David Mogren was a camper himself since he was eight years old. He worked his way up through the ranks—camper, kitchen aide, counselor, missionary speaker, and finally BCM missionary and camp staff since 2001. This year’s junior week theme was “Our God is Able”. Teen week focused on “Pushing Back the Dark.” Total attendance included 58 junior campers and 51 teen […]

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Camp Sonshine

2014 marks the 35th anniversary of BCM’s Camp Sonshine in Honeybrook, Pennsylvania. Camp Sonshine runs for just one week during the summer, but it impacts more than 80 children during that week. Campers enjoy a variety of activities including horseback riding, mini golf, a zip line, street hockey, and swimming. Norman Wray, III is the director at Camp Sonshine. Like many BCM camp directors, Norman began as a camper at Camp Sonshine himself decades back before assuming the director’s role of. This year Norman, along with his wife Virginia and 20 other staff, most of these, returning volunteers, welcomed 88 […]

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Camp Sankanac

The very first BCM International camp was founded in 1941 in Spring City, Pennsylvania. Today Camp Sankanac is a flourishing year-round camping and retreat complex, which includes a conference center named after BCM founder Bessie Traber. While Camp Sankanac is mostly cabins, the Traber Center is a motel-style, handicap-accessible facility used for day camps and year-round retreats. Camp Sankanac is unique in that all eight weeks of its summer camp are segregated, boys and girls, ages 7-16. The first four weeks are for boys, the last four weeks are for girls. Each week has a different theme, so campers can […]

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Bliss Summit Bible Camp

For 2014’s summer program, Bliss Summit Bible Camp in Bliss, New York, ran a medieval theme entitled “For the Kingdom”, based on Matthew 6:33 (“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”)  Young people learned about the kingdom of God and their place in that kingdom. During Bliss Summit’s five weeks of camp, children and staff enjoy an archery range, a fishing pond, and a hillside waterslide. Forty volunteers—a mix of teens, college students, and adults—helped run summer camp this year. Director Patrick Barringer explains, “We keep track of how […]

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Big Sky Bible Camp

The setting of Big Sky Bible Camp in Bigfork, Montana, just begs for an unforgettable camping experience. The campground is surrounded by Montana’s beautiful Rocky Mountains. A lake right on the property is available for swimming and tubing. Big Sky offers ropescourses, gaga ball (a type of dodgeball, but played inside a “pit” with just one ball), archery, and rifle shooting. The summer of 2014 offered nine full weeks of camp. Seven of those weeks were co-ed along with one week specifically for junior high girls and one week for junior high boys. The running theme for the entire summer […]

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ISMT Training Cuba


Cuba (BCM World) —Cuba has been lovingly termed the “Pearl of the Caribbean”. Now I know why! I’d never been to this often forgotten—and certainly surprising—country in the northwestern part of the Caribbean. But Latin America has always had a special place in my heart. Although born and raised in the Netherlands, I’ve served in Peru as a missionary under BCM International with my (Peruvian) husband Carlos Odicio since 1994. Since receiving training in BCM’s teacher training course, In Step With The Master Teacher in 2004, I’ve known God wanted…

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New clothes for flood victims


Cochabamba, Bolivia (BCM World)—It was raining again as it had been—not for days, but months. Already flooding rivers had devastated the potato crop that was a mainstay against starvation for this high mountain community in the Bolivian Andes. The adobe houses among which the elderly grandmother picked her way were melting literally from their dirt foundations as water saturated the mud bricks of their construction. The grandmother had found shelter when a terrible rumbling, grinding roar drowned out the rain. When she stepped outside, it was to find a river of mud, rock and water where a…

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Romanian children Barbers taught2


“We have learned more from you through the years than from any other group. We are so thankful that you gave us a ‘fishing pole.’ Others gave us many things, but they didn’t encourage us to prepare and to do things ourselves.” “Many missionaries have visited us through the years, but you are the only ones who have come back.” These quotes are just a few from the…

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Recife, Brazil

Unexpected Travelers:
When a Short-Term Missions Team Unraveled,
God Made a Way

Recife, Brazil (BCM World)—Joe Dukes, VP of Personnel for BCM International, had traveled to Brazil six times. He had no immediate plans for a seventh trip. But God did. A full team from BCM was scheduled to go to Brazil to lead a camp ministry in January, 2014. Under the leadership of Maria Gusmao, BCM missionary in Recife, Brazil, short-term mission teams serve at Ministerio Centralizado Na Biblia (Bible Centered Ministries) vacation camp. The ministry leads Bible Clubs, which reach thousands of Recife’s street kids and underprivileged teens, and also hosts eight weeks of camp annually designed to reach Brazilians […]

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Old Age Home residents-Nepal


Kathmandu, Nepal (BCM World)—Why is Shila Vaidhya, BCM missionary in Nepal, so passionate about ministry to women who are hurting, down-trodden, widowed, abandoned in old age or left to raise children without shelter, food, basic life necessities? Shila shares one experience: “I was in Dhading [a mountainous region in central Nepal] to preach the Gospel with my husband [Rev. Robbin Vaidhya, national director for BCM Nepal]. A woman with whom I shared accepted Christ as her Savior. But then she started to cry. When I asked what was…”

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Children's choir


On the island of Mindanao, Philippines, just below the inactive volcano Mt. Matatum amidst tropical fruit trees and pineapple fields, lies BCM’s Camp Española. Over Easter weekend, April 22-25, 2014, multi-colored traditional Mindanao and Manobo clothing, children’s laughter, praise music, and bright decorations turned the camp into joyous celebration as 260+ people gathered to celebrate the silver anniversary of BCM Philippines’ national church association, Bible Centered Fellowship, Inc. Held in conjunction with the annual conference for BCM Philippines ministry workers, the celebration was entitled: “KESEPH 25: A Kingdom Driven 25th Year” (“keseph” meaning “silver” in Hebrew). Its theme…

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Candidate Group


Pennsylvania, USA (BCM World)—Candidate orientation for new BCM North American missionaries was held the first week of January, 2014, at BCM’s Traber Center in Spring City, Pennsylvania. Classes were taught by Vice President Joe Dukes, International Children’s Ministry Director Esther Zimmerman, Chief Financial Officer Jim Hess, International Representative Dr. Bob Evans, missionaries Stephen King, Stacey Everline, Roy Schell, Josh Brackbill, and Trainer-at-Large Helen (Chip) Griepsma. Topics covered the BCM handbook, Footsteps of Faith curriculum, inductive Bible study, and support raising techniques, as well as a tour of…

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Face painting at Winter Camp


France (BCM World) —Four year old Claire was still too young to attend BCM children’s Summer Camp in Toulouse, France. But BCM France directors Chuck and Cathy Powers yielded to her pleas to accompany her older brother. Chuck Powers remembers the little girl as the week’s most enthusiastic camper, wildly yelling during the games, “La victoire, la victoire!” (victory, victory!). Thirteen years later in 2014, Claire was back at camp. But this time as a helper at Winter Camp. This year’s camp co-director, BCM France missionary Elizabeth Anneville, shares, “Last week, when Claire joined us to help out with camp, […]

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Camp 2014 Theme


Lima, Peru (BCM World)—The last day of camp season had arrived at BCM Peru’s campground in Pachacámac, a half hour away from Peru’s capital city, Lima. Even from a distance could be heard the resounding chant of an entire auditorium full of teenagers singing at the top of their lungs, “Te doy gloria, gloria, a ti Jesús” (“We give you glory, glory, Jesus”). These campers had been enjoying the camp atmosphere for just one week. Still, each knew life would not be the same for them the next day. BCM Peru began operations…

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CBS Students with Story Panels


Nairobi, Kenya (BCM World)—Pulling out a teacher’s manual or flipping open a laptop to start up a PowerPoint presentation are common practices these days for teaching a Bible class. But what does one do in a country like Kenya where such resources are not readily available? One BCM missionary Marion Jean Grant has an answer for sharing the Word of God without curricula, visuals, or props. Because ultimately, to teach the Bible one really needs only one teaching aid: the Bible itself! A BCM missionary to Pakistan for upwards of 20 years, Marion Jean Grant, or “MJ”, is also Associate […]

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Touchdown on Aungba strip


When BCM missionaries Dr. Djawotho Kisa and Mrs. Pat Govender stepped from an MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) prop plane onto the grass airstrip of Aungba in eastern DRC, prepared to begin a scheduled children’s ministry training seminar, they weren’t expecting to be greeted as visiting royalty. A singing, hand-clapping crowd swarmed the plane. Animal horns blew. Women offered calabashes filled with warm water to wash away their journey’s dust. The celebration? A traditional welcome for visitors bringing good news to the village. In this case, that…

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