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Sri Lanka - may flood 6

Sri Lanka Flood Disaster

The small island country of Sri Lanka, off the coast of India in the Indian Ocean, has been decimated by the worst flooding in 14 years caused by monsoon rains. The hardest hit district of Kalumatra is just south of the capital city, Colombo. BCM International has pastors and missionaries throughout the country of Sri Lanka, doing their best to aid and provide shelter for the displaced while wading through the…

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Unloading John Peter Aid Trailer

On the Road with God in Africa

By: Corrie Evans I am not a missionary, but I grew up in a missions-minded family. Whenever a missionary would visit our church, they would be our guests for Sunday dinner. We listened to their exciting stories and tried to imagine what it was like to be a missionary, especially if they were from Africa. In Sunday School, my teacher would have us take an offering each week for missionary projects like church roofs and bore wells in Africa. We would march up front, singing, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world”, while we put our […]

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South Africa BCM church

Putting Hand to the Plow Without Looking Back

By: John Peter with Jeanette Windle BCM Africa director John Peter needs only to remember his own childhood to recognize the urgency of missions. Sometime back while speaking at a conference in Canada, he had the privilege of meeting the missionary lady who led him to Christ at a Bible camp when he was nine-years-old. “I thanked that Canadian congregation for investing in sending missionaries into countries like South Africa,” he reminisces now. “Sometimes we don’t realize the impact sending missionaries can have.” For John Peter, that impact would be a lifetime passion for global missions, especially across the continent […]

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1980s Bible Adventure club

A Welcome Blast from the Past

By: Joyce Murray with Jeanette Windle What is the impact of touching the life of one child with the gospel of Jesus Christ? BCM missionary Joyce Murray was enjoying the 80th Anniversary celebration banquet for Bible Centered Ministries, International when BCM president emeritus Bob Evans and his wife Corrie stopped by to tell her of a friend who’d attended the banquet with them. Did Joyce remember Trista (Pike) Steinhauer? Of course! Even after more than three decades, how could Joyce forget the name of a child she’d been privileged to lead to Jesus. In 1956, Joyce Murray and her ministry […]

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Steve meeting with pastors in Kubacha

“If I Perish, I Perish”

By: Lisa Biegert with Stephen and Jane King “How can I not go?  Just like Queen Esther, if I live, I live, but if I perish, I perish. I must do God’s work.” So writes “Aunty Aida”, a Nigerian Christian who teaches BCM’s children’s ministry training course In Step with the Master Teacher (ISMT) in regions dominated by Islam. Her courageous attitude could be echoed by BCM Asia/Africa regional director, Stephen King, and his wife, Jane, recently returned from their own latest ministry trip to Nigeria. BCM missionaries since 2008, the Kings came to missions from a professional background, Stephen […]

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Peru Flood

El Niño Devastates BCM Peru

By: Lisa Biegert Over recent weeks, the weather phenomenon El Niño has unleashed across Peru the worst downpours and floods in two decades, leaving more than ten thousand homes destroyed and over half-a-million people displaced. On March 15, 2017, a river edging BCM Peru’s main ministry campus an hour southeast of the capital city, Lima, breached its banks, inundating the entire property. By late night, rising floodwaters necessitated evacuating all mission personnel, many with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Located in the beautiful coastal Lurín river valley, BCM Peru’s main campus has transformed over the past twenty years […]

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Vacation Bible School

Building Children’s Lives Across India

By: Paul Padmakar, Executive Director BCM India, with Jeanette Windle Mrs. Joyce Solomon, area director of BCM Tamil Nadu, was walking down the street after having finished a school-time Bible class, when sudden a female police constable approached and grabbed her by the hand. Mrs. Solomon was taken aback, since she’d done nothing wrong that could have drawn police attention. But the police constable was smiling as she asked, “Don’t you recognize me? My family was not Christian, but I attended a girl’s school where you taught a Bible class.” The police constable went on to share that through the […]

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Kids at Puppet Show

From Peru to the Poconos

“When I came to this country, I brought all my saints [statuettes of various saints believed to answer prayer] with me in my suitcase,” shares one attendee of a Spanish-language Bible study taught by Carlos and Marion Odicio of BCM USA’s new Hispanic Ministry outreach. “Now that I’ve found Jesus, I don’t need them anymore.” Carlos and Marion Odicio founded BCM ministry in Lima, Peru, in 1994. Twenty-plus years later, that ministry is reaching thousands of…

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Yerlyn de Jesus presenting BCM ministry-APYC2

“Disciple or Die!”

The second Asia Pacific Youth Congress (APYC2), held in Bali, Indonesia, from October 17-20, 2016, brought together youth leaders, mentors, and children’s ministry directors from twenty different nations across Asia and the Pacific. Among its seven hundred-plus participants was a team from BCM Philippines. The event’s objective was to raise up Christ-like nurturers who will disciple the next generation. Why? Because discipleship is the…

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Shirley speaking at conference

Sharing, Loving, and Caring in Cameroon

Much of the West Indies island chain’s population reached the Caribbean during the late 17th and 18th centuries on slave ships from West Africa, destined for labor in tobacco and sugar plantations. So how does a West Indies pastor’s wife end up back across the Atlantic in Cameroon, West Africa? Simply put, to share the love of Jesus. Orementa Murphy grew up in…

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Bringing Home the Good News

A two-acre plot in the outskirts of Kapsabet, a town in western Kenya, holds just two lonely buildings, one constructed of wood and iron sheets, the other just wood. These small buildings stand vacant all week until Sunday morning when the quiet is shattered by Kenyan Christians gathering for church services, their songs of praise echoing off iron sheets and resounding through the surrounding countryside. While the rest of the…

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Bullets Still Can’t Stop God’s Word in Inner Philly

A BCM World article last summer shared the exciting summer Bible club outreach in some of Philadelphia’s more difficult neighborhoods (see Neither Rain nor Heat nor Flying Bullets, BCM World, Fall, 2015). A recent update from BCM missionary Lorraine Stirneman, who directs this ministry, offers a reminder to continue praying for the safety and impact of the young volunteer teams who have again dedicated their summer to reaching inner-city Philly children. 17-year-old Mark grew up in one of the Philly building projects where BCM has held annual summer clubs and was among many Bible club children who also attended BCM’s […]

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Sending New Workers into Ukraine’s Harvest

By: Joe Dukes, BCM VP of Personnel Amidst continued trauma of a border war that is now dragging into its third year, BCM Ukraine held its 2016 missionary candidate orientation in the capital city of Kiev with 12 new missionary candidates in attendance. The orientation took place from August 17-24 in Kiev’s Central Baptist Church, where BCM Ukraine director Dr. Igor Kotenko serves as one of five pastors. Among international BCM leadership participating were Dr. Marty Windle, President; Richard Thompson, European Director; Sam Hanchett, former Ukraine missionary and regional director; Dr. Bob Evans, International Representative; and Joe Dukes, VP of […]

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Campers head for beach outing, Cuba

Partnering for Children in Cuba

The church in Cuba is alive and vibrant!” expressed a previous BCM World article and a recent BCM Peru ministry team to Cuba can testify to that truth. BCM missionaries Marion Odico, Jonatan Odicio and Francisco Barnuevo first traveled from Peru to Cuba in 2014 to hold children’s ministry training in a town called Moa. Among approximately forty trainees was the children’s pastor of the host church in…

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Children's camp games

Raising Up NEXT-GEN Leaders in Poland

How to find godly, committed counselors and staff for the next generation of camp ministry? Simple for BCM Poland missionaries John and Dasia Abramovich. You raise them. BCM International partners in Poland with a children’s ministry organization, Miłość Edukacja Dojrzałość. Dasia has served with MED since its founding in 1990, just months after the fall of…

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Bible Club familes sorting recyclables in front of makeshift homes

“Whoever Receives One Such Child in My Name . . .”

By Jeanette Windle with Ratovohery Jean Aimé BCM’s newest ministry field, Madagascar (see Sharing “FIHAVANANA” With Madagascar’s Most Vulnerable, BCM World, Summer, 2016) has used school-end vacation to expand their children’s outreach, holding five-day Bible clubs in some of the poorest neighborhoods. Over 70 children attended one such Bible club on the bank of a municipal dump where many families subsist by sorting through garbage for recyclables. Few of these children have opportunity for schooling or even daily food. Even at their young age, the life stories of many Bible Club attendees are heart-wrenching. Six-year old Volanirina’s father died some […]

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Camp Sankanac Celebrates its Platinum Jubilee

By: Jeanette Windle Several hundred former and present campers, counselors, and staff filled Camp Sankanac grounds on Saturday, September 3, 2016, to celebrate 75 years of God’s working in the lives of children and adults through this ministry. Established in 1941, Sankanac was the Bible Club Movement’s (now BCM International) first permanent camp facility (see Setting Captives Free at BCM’s Camp Sankanac, BCM World, Summer, 2015). Today BCM hosts camping programs in more than 25 countries, including 9 camp facilities across North America. The day’s celebration kicked off with a sit-down lunch in Sanakac’s dining hall, where a historical overview […]

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“Work Hard—Make it Good—Finish Strong”

When the 2016 Michigan-Seven team touched down in Bolivia’s lowland city of Santa Cruz on June 19th, it was hardly a first visit for team leader Sue Sanderson. Sue has taught BCM Bible clubs and ministered at BCM affiliate camp Pine Ridge Bible Camp (originally Jack and Jill Bible Club Camp) in Cedar Springs, MI, for more than 30 years. She first visited Bolivia in 1990, at which time she taught the first BCM children’s ministry leadership…

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Finding Refuge in His Everlasting Arms

REFUGEE! Recent global events have caused a tsunami of refugees to hit the shores of many countries, including my own birth nation, the United States. Probably none of us wants or expects to be a refugee. But several months ago it occurred to me that I am indeed one of those refugees who had to flee their homeland as an act of self-preservation. For me, it was my adopted…

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Rescuing Flood Victims

No Place to Lay Their Head

Sri Lanka’s worst disaster since the 2004 tsunami started unexpectedly when Tropical Storm Roanu arrived May 15-16, 2016, weeks ahead of the normal monsoon season. Within 48 hours, the heaviest rains in a quarter-century had dumped over 300 millimeters (approximately one foot) into already overflowing rivers. Resulting landslides have left entire villages buried in mud. With rains continuing, hundreds of thousands have driven from their homes. The heaviest struck has…

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Daniel Rusu teaching at youth camp

Volunteering for God-Venture in Romania

By: Jeanette Windle with Daniel Rusu “Me! Me! I’ll do it!” Volunteering for new adventures was nothing new for BCM Romania missionary Daniel Rusu, whether skydiving in his teens or a university major with few job opportunities—aircraft engineering. But when caught in Romania’s bloody revolt against communist rule in December, 1989, Daniel could have never envisioned that within eighteen months he’d be volunteering to run a Christian children’s home. Much less to find himself openly teaching theology in a country where religious expression had been suppressed for seven decades. Daniel Rusu’s own father Dumitru had actually been a communist freedom […]

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Village church service-North India

Not Looking Back in Persecution-Torn North India

In October, 2015, a fundamentalist Hindu mob attacked a BCM church in Begaipeda village in northern India’s Jharkhand State. The church had been growing steadily since its founding in 2010, and the believers had constructed a small sanctuary on a piece of land donated by a church member. The mob’s target was the pastor, BCM church-planting missionary, Rev. Sunil Munda. When they couldn’t find him, they attacked…

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picture 8

Sharing “FIHAVANANA” With Madagascar’s Most Vulnerable

The island nation of Madagascar, located off Africa’s southeastern coast, practices what is known locally as fihavanana, a term encompassing concepts of unity, brotherhood, and general peace. To the Malagasy [i.e., Madagascar ethnicity] people, this means having strong relationships with others and taking care of the world around them. Malagasy native and country director for BCM International’s newest ministry field…

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