BCM International

Sharing Christ’s Love…

So that churches are established and the church strengthened

Reaching Children

Across the globe, BCM helps children experience the gospel through activities and programs. Camping, Bible clubs, and special events are tailored to each country’s diverse culture. BCM curricula is available for purchase to teach children of all ages Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

Strengthening the Church

BCM partners with established churches, and helps start new churches if necessary, to develop children’s ministries and train leaders to more effectively reach their communities. We do this in both remote villages and developed cities.


Preparing Christian leaders to disciple children is a key focus of BCM. Developed to be used cross-culturally, BCM’s children’s ministry training material, In Step With the Master Teacher, teaches children’s workers how to help children come to know, love, and obey God. The course is easily adapted to specific needs and is available in more than two dozen languages.

About BCM International

Bible Centered Ministries International has more than 870 missionaries from 40 nations, serving in over 50 countries, with thousands of volunteers.

What we do

There are three primary ministry focuses:


Children’s Ministry


Church Development


Leadership & Teacher Training

…including Bible clubs, camping ministry, street outreach, aid for children at risk, and school release times.

Why we do it

To share Jesus Christ with over 1.5 million children and adults annually and to develop resources to raise up and strengthen Bible-centered local churches.


Consider praying for all the BCM International ministries, not just the few featured here! If you decide to make this commitment, let us know so we can send you regular updates from around the world.


Our missionaries and ministries are supported through people like you. Please consider giving towards the ministries of BCM International. You can give now at www.BCMINTL.org/give


Maybe God has laid it on your heart to do more. Contact us for more information or about the possibility of joining our team! There is much left to be done. Contact us at

Where We Serve

Darkest Peru. The Himalayas. Your own backyard. What do these places have in common? They’re all places where BCM missionaries and volunteers serve. We have missionaries in over 50 countries around the world spreading Christ’s message of salvation and hope to kids and adults.



BCM World Magazine

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Choosing Life in Bolivia’s Covid-Struck Highlands

Choosing Life in Bolivia’s Covid-Struck Highlands

When BCM Bolivia missionaries Fernando and Marilyn Fernandez chose their ministry vision statement, it was one that applies as aptly to their own family: “I have set before you life and death . . . Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God” (Deuteronomy 30:19b-20). Fernando and Marilyn Fernandez both grew up in…

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Bible Club by Mail

Bible Club by Mail

When the coronavirus lock-down began last spring, BCM’s Mailbox Bible Club coordinator Marianne Schuster was concerned what this would do to Mailbox ministry. Marianne describes Mailbox ministry as a Bible club by mail (see Mailbox Bible Club: Displaying a Heavenly Father’s Persistent Love, BCM World Magazine, Summer 2010). It includes a series of fun and interactive Bible correspondence courses graded for ages four through adult. Participants finish each lesson, return it by mail to their MBBC sponsor, then receive…

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Beyond this Pandemic

Beyond this Pandemic

With the rising death toll, widespread unemployment, mental health issues, suicide, feelings of isolation, challenges of online education, and dozens of other unpleasant stories all attributable to COVID-19, it is easy to question if there remains any beauty, hope, or life in today’s world. But is there a better way to look at our circumstances as this pandemic sweeps our planet? The answer is yes. As believers, we can look at this situation through the eyes of faith because we…

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